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The solar power revolution Energy has been a necessity for the advancement of humans. From the earliest humans that used fire as a source of energy, today where we need energy to recharge our smart phones. However, in order to have a sustainable energy source to quench the thirst of this power hungry society, it is important that we invest in renewable energy sources. There is a need for a revolution in the use of renewable energy sources. A big problem faced in South Africa today is a very strained power grid, having a multitude of power cuts year round which negatively affect the economy of South Africa. This is attributed to the lack of maintenance, aging power plants and ineffective leadership. In South Africa there needs to shift towards renewable energy. South Africa has perfect conditions for the use of solar energy. In addition even though there have been great advances in solar energy there is also a need for an improvement of the current technology. Solar energy has been used from the beginning of time as an important part of photosynthesis for plants.…show more content…
This is very bad for the environment and is important that South African invest in solar energy. Just in Johannesburg there is an average of 3182 hours of sunlight per year out of a possible 4383. It is also sunny 72.6% of daylight hours. The remaining 27.4% of daylight hours are cloudy or have low sun intensity. These conditions are ideal for solar energy when compared with most European countries that are lucky to have half of that. Worldwide there is a solar energy revolution as many countries are have stop their nuclear reactors after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in japan during 2011 (image ). Solar energy is growing exponentially and will see further growth. It is important for South Africa to increase their renewable power generation. The use of solar power will ensure that there is less of an impact on the

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