How To Become An Effective Self Essay

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In the beginning of your journey to become a more successful individual, it is important that you would be able to begin nurturing your strengths, weaknesses and your personality to make it a distinct advantage. You have to realize, as we have said earlier, that once you entered the workplace, you have become not just a member of the workforce, you have just become a product. As dehumanizing as it may sound, it is a realization that you have to accept – you are the product and you have to be able to sell yourself to your big bosses. And the most basic step to become an effective self-promoter is to find out what makes you stand out from the rest of your colleagues. What makes you tick? What makes you different from them? What makes you stand…show more content…
Do try to become self-aware because in the long-run you would definitely benefit from it. Self-Control. As you get to know yourself, you would be able to exert your own brand of self-control. You would be able to personally limit yourself from making the mistakes that you have previously made. You would be able to stop yourself from making errors because you now know your limitations. You wouldn’t be posting indiscriminate photos on social media platforms because you know how it would affect your image, how it would affect your reputation. Your self-control would totally take over your mind, making sure you would be able to resist doing these things that would negatively affect you. Ability to Resist Social Pressures. As a self-aware person, you would be able to resist the pressures exerted by your peers. Would you still continue to drink unabashedly, knowing that you have a job in the morning? Would you still be trying to outdo your colleagues in terms of material wealth, knowing that you have other responsibilities to your family? I don’t think so – you are now undergoing the process of maturation – a process that is not easy to do when there are people who are trying to negatively influence

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