Nadine Gordimer's Life In South Africa

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Nadine Gordimer was born on November 20, 1923 in Transvaal, South Africa. She was raised in a small mining town, and from a young age she witnessed the racial discrimination black people faced in her country. These injustices transformed her outlook on life and inspired her to become a writer. Since then, she has gone on to become one of the most famous anti-apartheid writers, giving a voice to black people at a time when they were constantly silenced. Gordimer, as a white woman, speaks about the experiences of black people because she acknowledges the fact that her privilege gives her a voice which the world is interested in hearing. This essay will discuss Nadine Gordimer’s life, and how she constantly worked to make South Africa a safe,…show more content…
The vast black population is regarded as if it was there only to serve whites in industry and at home.” Nadine Gordimer wanted to be part of the group of people that changed how the South African society treated black people. While many of her friends fled the country, she remained, “out of commitment to black liberation and also for the sake of her own creativity and that of black South African writers who were silenced, for whom she had to speak.” [1] In her writings, she presented racism from different perspectives, giving voice to all types of people in her short stories and novels. For example, her short story Amnesty talks about this young black woman whose fiancé is arrested and sent to prison for 9 years due to his involvement in the anti-apartheid movement. Gordimer demonstrates how families can be torn apart just because a group of people are fighting for their rights. In the story, the fiancé misses out on raising his daughter, and the bond between the couple is now ruined forever because he is no longer the same man he used to be. Even though all her work is fiction, it is undeniable that it is all based on fact. By writing these type of stories, she forces people to acknowledge that this is indeed happening: families are ruined, lives are taken away, all because of

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