Importance Of Literature Review In Research

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Assignment Title : Literature review is an integral part of research process. Discuss the rationale for literature review demonstrate its significance in research. Student’s Name : Mamaila P.M Student Number : 25500244 Lecturer’s Name : Dr Sempijja N Module Title : HBRM 221 Due Date : 23 August 2017 Literature review is an overview of what a researcher knows about a topic that they are researching about, it includes all past and present work on the topic, especially newly added information. It connects the structured description, position, and inspection of papers connected to knowledge associated to the research problem. According to Gay et al. (2006:1) literature review is also used to indicate the written part of a research arrangement or statement that examines the analysed reports. These documents can include articles, abstracts, reviews, dissertations, other research reports and electronic media. Literature review has a few essential reasons that make it well worth the time and exercise. According to Cooper (1989:34) the review of literature also illustrates the following: Paths, Plans, Variables used and Statistical layout. The…show more content…
While a researcher reviews a text, they are able to learn many things concerning their area of study, they could learn about the variables that must be considered in the research, learn the different mistakes that may have been performed by previous researchers in order to improve their methods. The better a researcher is knowledgeable about their topic area, the better they can understand their problem. By reviewing literature, researchers are able to avoid duplicating other people’s work by reviewing the

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