The Importance Of Young Adult Literature

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Here is an idea. Let's give the kids of today's world material that could scar them. Now doesn't that sound like a good idea. This is what young adult literature is. Young adult literature is a section of books targeted toward adolescents that interweave adult topics into it. It aims to give the readers an easier read, while still keeping the deep topics and plot. There is a major debate going on that discusses whether it is okay for adolescents to read that type of literature. However, young adult literature is not healthy in any manner. Young adult literature is not a healthy choice of reading for any person. Young adult literature is too graphic and not appropriate for adolescents. As said in Darkness Too Visible, "If books show us the…show more content…
One of these is how the popular kids dislike the nonpopular ones. There is an article in the Huffington Post that talks about how most of the time, the popular girls do not actual hate the non-popular ones. Then, a cause-effect relationship occurs with the young adult books causing labeling of nerdy/preppy girls. The effect of this is that people today now divide themselves and identify themselves in these groups (DeRosa). The fact of the matter is, most kids just want to get along. So while these books may be claiming to help kids deal with their problems, the reality is that they are making the problems of labeling. Another character that gets generalized in young adult literature are the parents or guardians. Most of the time, they are cast as bad parents or just simply absent. Julie Just states, "...The bad parent is now enjoying something of a heyday. It would be hard to come up with an exact figure from the thousands of Y.A. novels published every year, but what’s striking is that some of the most sharply written and critically praised works reliably feature a mopey, inept, distracted or ready-for-rehab parent, suggesting that this has become a particularly resonant figure." Look at one of the bestselling young adult novels of all time; Harry Potter. In it, Harry’s parents are dead, and his aunt and uncle do not like him. In We Are The Ants, Henry Denton’s father left him, his grandma has been losing herself to Alzheimer’s, and his mother is keeping her sanity with cigarettes. Even classic stories are responsible. In Cinderella, Cinderella’s parents are dead. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has the horrible father. But look in real life. Not all parents are bad. In 2015, the Pew Research Center showed that, in total, 62% of parents are excellent, 20% are good, and 18% are bad. How could all parents be bad, when the data is right here? Maybe teen

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