The Importance Of Leadership In Leadership

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Leadership skills can be developed in many ways. Whether through educational experiences, volunteer work, or experiences people undertake in life. Every person possesses some variety of leadership skills within them. I have had the opportunity in my life to develop leadership skills through previous careers, previous education, and by being a father. I have learned from personal experiences in leadership that being a leader is far more than my own skills, but the capability to develop others with motivational, communicational, trustworthiness, responsibility, commitment, and flexibility skills, while giving honest, constructive, and timely feedback. My eight years working for Pep Boys Automotive, I have had many mentors, observed different…show more content…
I made it my job to help employees going to school while working part-time to understand that education was important and to put that first, but also grasp the concept of time management and commitments. I believe certain incidents, amount of violations and lack of improvement are grounds for write-ups and terminations. However, many managers take no call, no show, as terms to enthusiastically document or terminate someone instead of having a conversation to understand and correct an issue. Different situations come to mind, but one sales associate by the name of Alberto completely reorganized his decision making and actions after a simple conversation. What I found out was Alberto had been really unorganized and was really overwhelmed. I had him buy a simple planner and taught him how to utilize it. Every day he clocked in, I would request him to show me his planner to confirm he was using it and continued that till he I saw improvement. I picked that story not only because Alberto made such an improvement with his understanding of time management and commitments, but that leadership can be simple by taking time to listen and help guide

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