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Education has become extremely vital in the modern days. Since time immemorial, education has been said to be the key to success. However, now, more than ever, education has become a vital element of the society. Every parent endeavors to take his or her child to school to learn the different subjects that are taught. The various disciplines led to new knowledge that enable the individual to enhance his or her life, alongside the lives of other people. However, while at school, the child is able to identify a particular discipline of interests. While there are numerous disciplines to choose from, science, particularly physics has become my favorite. It has been noted earlier that there are many disciplines, which can be pursed at school. One has to think through the different disciplines and decide on the ones to take and the ones to drop. Prior to taking the physics course, a lot passed through my mind. First, I thought that…show more content…
Physics can assist in a significant way in improving and understanding nature, thus making the world a better place. It can be utilized in all aspects of life and make everyone to view it in a similar perspective. Therefore, in this way, it would create harmony in the world, since everyone views it in a similar manner. Further, physics is an interesting subject where one gets to learn many interesting aspects of nature that one did not initially understand. Is it not good to learn a new thing in life? Thus, physics can help us to view the mind of God. He must have been so creative to create the different multifaceted phenomenon, which through physics we are able to comprehend. However, for those that do not believe in God, it is possible to related the various aspects of nature, and thus understand how nature works. Thus, physics is an integral part of life that can assist in resolving the various aspects of nature that have not been resolved

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