Akeelah And The Bee Analysis

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I find the movie “Akeelah and the Bee” written and directed by Mr. Doug Atchison quite interesting and inspirational because it was my first time to be serious in watching a movie that is about academics. There is a girl, which is Akeelah the one who seems afraid of acting like a bookworm joined a simple Spelling Bee made by their school to know who is qualified to compete in the National Spelling Bee and she is the chosen one because of her genuine potential but when Akeelah is going to take her sit, there is man which is Mr. Larabee ask her a difficult words to spell. The teacher said that she’s just an eleven-year-old girl to spell what the man asked. Akeelah started to spell what the man says and they are all amazed but then the last word…show more content…
And mostly of teenagers like me now wants to watch a horror movies or romantic movies especially when it is from the wattpads and played or rolled by their favorite young actors and actresses. But when I continue watching and understanding, I started to like it. I was impressed to the maker of the movie because he or she made this movie possible. Mostly, the writers and directors today, they all want to make a romantic, comedy or horror because of the taste of the modern people. I am very happy that I watched this movie not because you’ll get the moral lesson but also because you’ll started to like watching movies like this, not to watch romantic and horror movie always, you’ll started to search some difficult words, and also to have confidence. I was surprised at the ending of the movie because the word she had to spell and be qualified in the national spelling bee is the word Mr. Larabee ask her when she did not spelled it right on the school’s spelling bee. And when the time is going to answer it, she closed her eyes and imagined those people who support her. And with the help of them she became better. Akeelah is the one who narrates the story. I think the maker of the movie chose her for us to know her more and better, for us to know about her feelings and for us to feel, what if I am

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