Cadbury Chocolate Case Study

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The customer value proposition is arguably the most important tool in the product marketer’s toolset. It is the foundation for understanding how the product will realistically be valued by the target user. It certainly includes the advantages a target user would experience and the unique comparison between Cadbury and Galaxy chocolates as a competitor Galaxy is a Milk chocolate, made and marketed by Mars incorporated. Products have similarities such as: • Varieties of choices based on chocolates • Both products have different sizes according to the customer requirement and various prices. • Both products clearly state the nutrition information on back of every pack. • Both chocolates can be find in any Super markets, wholesaler and online…show more content…
There are customized personnel products, gifts and vouchers Milk Chocolate, Caramel,Counters,Crispy, Hazelnut,Fruit & Nut, Ripple, Senzi, Amicelli, Jewels, Cookie Crumble, Orange & Shortcake SERVICES Cadbury had various offers and discounts for Cadbury world: buy online - 5% discounts, student discounts, seasonal offers Galaxy collaboratively joined with reinforcement in forest alliance. Since 2010 all Galaxy smooth milk chocolate bars across UK & Ireland carried the rainforest alliance certified seal . The slogan contain "Not only does it taste good, it does good too". (Our Chocolates with Rainforest alliance, 2016) this will be a pricing strategy as well, where as for the people who deserves nature Chocolates can be personalized with various sizes of chocolates including image, wording for both front and back side. Which will be delivered upon certain countries, customers can select the chocolate and can customize the way they want based on size, price, chocolate pack type, nuts, type of chocolates. Which will clearly make customers to make their own

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