Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” from Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Ultimately, as I read this story, it seems to say at the first paragraph of the story, Marquez powerful sentences such as” on the third day of rain”, “the newborn child had a temperature” (353) these magical words caught my attention, and I started to engage in the story. In the story Garcia Marquez used third person close narrator and the beginning of the story the author used a meaningful word, which describes whole stories in a one paragraph. Therefore, according to Marquez “on the third day of rain they had killed so many crabs inside the house,” (353) from this sentence he mentioned the hard times, which the Pelayo family was facing. Moreover, from this explanation we understood…show more content…
We can ask what the religion sign in this story? In the story Marquez reports that “a very old man with enormous wings” (355) to describe the angel. As we know the angle has the wings, and for that reason he compared the old man to the angel. Moreover, from life experiences we understood that an angel always brings the happiness and luck to the human. As a result, in the story we saw that the old man came and their child got better. This is a meaningful and also a very influential lesson for the reader. Furthermore, the author used this kind of deep explanations to improve reader’s imagination and also, he used a few kinds of a contrasting moods and tones to make sure the reader must read this story with his/her emotions. If he used only sad tone instead of mixed tones, then his story would not be an interesting and influential. Moreover, we saw that he opened his story with the sad mood, but in the middle of the story that tone changed to happy tone because we know this from our life experience that, after sadness always will come happiness. On the other hand, the religion tough us the same thing, which is after sadness always will come happiness and while achieving the happiness the human must be patient and believer. So as we see for all that reasons pushed the author to use religion points, and he tried to teach the reader to believe their own
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