Importance Of International Organization

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From empires to the present nation-state system, the world has experienced an evolution of challenges that is now more pronounced with globalization. In his commencement address delivered at Wingate university in North Carolina (UN, 2000), the former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, emphasized the importance of international organizations in dealing with challenges brought on by globalization. He reiterated that no one State can solve these problems on its own so cooperation through international organizations is vital. (UN, 2000). International organizations can be defined as organizations that have been granted international legal personality, are established through agreements or treaties between states and promote global cooperation and integration for peace, security and…show more content…
It was due to the vast expansion of industrialization which emphasized the growing need for intergovernmental cooperation. However, the structure and the way they functioned was not the same as the ones we have today. They were mostly in form of conferences where treaties were signed such as The Hague conference of 1899 which involved only a handful of strong European States. This was understandable as the world had not made a complete shift from the Empire system to the nation state system. The first international organization which models the ones we have today is the League of Nations. It was created in 1919 to oversee the enforcement of the treaty of Versailles amongst other peace agreements however, it broke down and world war two ensued. In 1945, the United Nations replaced the league of Nations as the apex International Organization that would include all nation states. Since then, several international organizations have been formed to oversee, international economy, trade and other socio-cultural aspects of international

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