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Week 2 Thomas Hobbes, Of Man: Intro, Chapter 4-7, 10, 13-15 Introduction o Hobbes recognized that only through the formation of the state could people attain peace and protection. o The Leviathan explores Man within a state, the social contract that gives “Authority “ to a Government/Central authority and how it lasts and collapse. o Hobbes uses a human body as an imagery to describe the state. o Hobbes argues that in order to forge a state, a leader that governs a state, he can only understand the actions of the people he govern by looking and analyzing the thoughts, desires, emotions of himself. This is because; people tend to veil their thoughts. Without understanding the Nature of all Man through comparison, it is difficult to grasp…show more content…
Use of word metaphorically that misleads the listener 3. Words that do not represent their intentions 4. Words that hurt others o According to Hobbes, o Speech is made up of Names and meanings attached to it. o Some names can hold Universal meanings however varies slightly in the degree of its understanding in different people who interpret its meaning differently. o By giving a definition and Name to an object will ease the process of having to reinterpret an object, giving it Universal meaning (once it is known). In this way, individuals will be able to ‘seekth precise Truth’ and speak in line with his thoughts as he knows the meaning behind the word. o There is a need to revise the meanings of the thereby enhancing the discovery and trust of books, leading to the formation of Science. o Hobbes argues that individuals interact with the meaning of the words that they learnt giving an interpretation of their own. Our experiences give us a different perspective and interpretation of objects/subjects/topics. Thus, in order to seek understanding of a message there is a need to study the meaning perceived, analyze and think from the possible ‘prejudices of opinions, different passions and nature, disposition and interest of the…show more content…
o Reasons and claims is debatable, refutable, and agreed upon based on an individuals’ preferences o Therefore, there is no absolute right/wrong reasoning unless it becomes completely illogical or senseless (Hobbes names such reasoning as absurd.). o According to Hobbes, o Reasoning is not an innate ability but the acquisition of the ‘use of Speech’ o Hobbes quotes the Latines who sees Prudentia as Experiences and Sapientia as Science, using this reference, he points out that Science is accurate and factual. He condemns those who follow the thoughts of books completely unquestioning of its contents. o Hobbes advise that the ‘Counsells of the Commonwealth’ to reason and make claims based not on ‘natural judgments but rationalize them on the knowledge of Science, which he deemed as indisputable. o Hobbes advocates that the Counsells who are the policy makers of the time, should based laws on irrefutable sciences, thereby modeling after a system that make the claims of the state unquestionable. o Link to State of Nature: where people completely obey to the rules and regulations of the state in exchange of protection over their lives and

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