Persuasive Speech On Organ Donation

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It is kind of a unnerving that the moment you get your driver's license, you will be asked whether or not you are willing to become an organ donor. It would seem like they are expecting for a fatal accident to happen and only your organs will be saved. if you look at it from a different perspective, however, it is one way that you will be able to do your share in saving lives. even in death, you will be able to do something heroic. But Organ donation is a tricky subject and an equally tricky process that may come with side effects, which is why it remains a hot subject for debate. Who can donate an organ? Almost anyone can become a donor, provided they meet certain criteria. Anyone younger than 18 years old must present a parent or guardian…show more content…
in most cases, this can be traumatizing for the surviving family. Also, if there is still some form of brain activity, a donor will continue to be on life support. The hope lingers for the family, while it gradually wanes for the recipient. Some families also have a problem as to who will receive the organ, as some of them may have something against a particular religion gender or race. unfortunately donated organs to the United Network for Organ Sharing are distributed without preferential treatment, which can be devastating for the surviving family members. Prolonged suffering for the recipient Waiting for a donor is a stressful experience, especially when the time that separates between waiting and surviving. The very thought that a recipient will die before any donor turns up, often exacerbates a patient's condition. the reality however is that waiting for a heart takes an average 113 days, while waiting for kidney is an average 1,219

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