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There are many different organisations which are important with regards to health education and they can be split up into three main categories; international, national and local. International refers to organisations which educate people about health around the world. For example, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is an international health organisation. WHO is a united nations organisation which aim to promote good health and help prevent or limit the spread of communicable diseases. They work with many health organisations and governments in over 150 countries to ensure everyone gets the best standard of care with regards to health. They had a big role with regards to outbreaks e.g. Ebola and HIV and they have helped to improve health…show more content…
only in England. An example, of a national organisation and health educator is the National Health Service, also known as the NHS. This is the main health body and provider in England. It gives free healthcare to everyone and it means everyone has access to healthcare. Not only do they help diagnose and treat conditions. But they are able to identify trends and patterns with regards to health and find out the problem areas in society e.g. they have recognised that lifestyle is one of the leading causes of ill health and so has become a very active health educator with regards to factors such as lifestyle as they are able to identify problem areas and set out to reduce these. For example, the NGS has recently launched a new campaign to try and stop the misuse of antibiotics due to the rise of antibiotic resistant illnesses. They have also had an active role in launching campaigns to try and reduce the rates of obesity as obesity is very high which has lead to loads of cases of diabetes and diabetes being one of the leading causes of death in the UK. A national organisations role with regards to health education is to find out what the issues our in their country and use techniques to try and tackle these issues, improving the health of their country.…show more content…
Primary care trusts are an example of this and this includes local GP surgeries. There are many local GP surgeries and they all aim to diagnose and treat ill health. However, they are also health educators e.g. they are the leading organisations of trying to stop the unnecessary use of antibiotics. GP surgeries are also the many places which vaccinations are given and explained. For example, GP surgeries has many leaflets promoting good health e.g. what vaccinations are needed when going abroad. These types of primary care trusts are very important as they are the first point of contact when someone is ill and so, they are the best people to identify local issues and give advice and educate people about what they can do and what they can avoid to improve their health and wellbeing.

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