Malcolm Margolin's The Ohlone Way

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Growing up in a different century before having advanced technology, electricity, agriculture can bring a significant change in a person's human development. As the years keep on advancing there is new technology that changes the way people live on a daily basis. People grow up with different traditions, values, and cultural beliefs that can impact a person's development in a negative way and positive way. Even if a person does not grow up having all the utilizes compared to the industrialized world that there is today, they are able to develop a different way of living. In the book, “The Ohlone Way: Indian life in the San Francisco Monterey Bay Area”, by Malcolm Margolin talks about the life of the Ohlone Indians that use to live in the Bay Area for many years living out in the beautiful wild nature while living in small tribes, hunting, gathering, in order to survive out in the wild.…show more content…
Not to mention, after reading this book it’s changed my perspective of valuing all the little things in life that I have been granted. What personally interested me the most after reading this book was learning how the Ohlone Indians use to live their life perfectly without the need of having the resources that I now have. Also, I thought it was interesting to read how The Ohlones cared about all their people and respected women, and homoseuals. It is interesting to know that back then people were still valued and respected regardless if they liked a opposite sex. It is important to learn about the how people in the past use to live their lives but also to know that growing up in a different environment impacts a person's cultural human

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