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Top 8 Deadly Fashion Trends Do you think skinny jeans are killing you? You hate your push-up bra and you're dieing to get rid of it? Well you should have a moment of intense meditation and thank God and all the saints that you don't lived in the times of really deadly fashion trends. Here are eight of them. 1. The fontange was probably the worst fashion trend ever! A fontange was the high-end version of a wig, but it's history began rather plain: in 17th century Angelique de Fontange lost her hat while riding with the king. Ashamed, she took a ribbon and tied her hair. The king loved the look and made her a Duchess. Of course, all the French ladies wanted to catch the king's eye, so they began to stick all sorts of thing in their hair, until a plain ribbon evolved into high wigs, adorned with anything, even cages with live birds. The elaborate fontange took many hours to complete and was a full ecosystem for all sorts of pests. Imagine a lady talking to the king while wearing a 20-30cm fontagne on her head and a cockroach or a mouse exists the ensemble to salute the king himself. Pretty funny, eh? But the real problem, that made these wigs…show more content…
Lotus Feet fashion began with the foot fetish of a Chinese ruler in the 8th century. He saw a dancer with small feet and the fashion of girls having small feet turned into a general frenzy in the whole kingdom. To achieve this goal, parents bathed their child's feet with vinegar or urine and proceeded to wrap the feet as tight as possible, bending the toes, except for the big toe. This process began when the girl had two-five years old. Extremely painful, the tight bandages deformed the feet, causing it to keep a small length, but turning the girl into a “household item” as she was unable to walk. Often toes caught gangrene and fell off or caused septicemia and death. But all this had a good reason: the smaller the feet of the young bride to be, the higher the price paid by the groom's family. All for the money, in the

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