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Bibliographical Essay: Greek Yogurt in U.S. Media The media is such a powerful source to convey and obtain information. In recent years the media has been focusing on a well-kept Greek secret, yogurt. Greek yogurt has become an overnight phenomenon in the U.S. The media has been at the foreground of this Greek yogurt craze. It can be seen in newspapers, articles, and magazines. After reviewing American media sources, one can obtain a better understanding as to why the media is saying that Americans love Greek yogurt. What is this yogurt that everyone is talking about? “Greek Yogurt isn’t A Subculture Anymore” an article written by Duane D. Stanford, and Matthew Boyle explore Greek yogurt. According to Stanford and Boyle Greek yogurt is made…show more content…
Ed Schultz from Advertising Age wrote an article, “Dannon goes Greek, Takes on (Former) Little Guy.” Dannon, according to Schultz, wanted to come on board with Greek yogurt. Dannon launched their own brand of Greek yogurt that they named Dannon Oikos Greek. Dannon was late to the race and had to play catchup to stay with the Greek yogurt demands, which were already dominated by Fage and Chobani. Dannon is still selling their other yogurt lines as well as the Greek yogurt, and may include Greek yogurt in their Activia line. Other companies such as Yoplait made by General Mills are coming out with their own brand of yogurt as well. According to an Anonymous source, Yoplait has come out with a line of yogurt that is targeting pre-teens called Pro-force. It comes in different flavors, and is geared toward appealing that that age group. In the article, “Eat. Drink. Dairy” he also talks about that Sprout a baby food company has come out with a line of Greek yogurt geared toward toddler health. Greek yogurt appeals to adults, kids and even babies, but there is also a new product that is marketed for athletes. Newswire released an article about this new line called Powerful yogurt, in an article titled “Powerful Yogurt, the First Greek Yogurt Designed for Athletes, Joins IMG Performance as Official Greek Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Products Sponsor." Newswire states that this new brand of Greek…show more content…
Douglas, Steve M., Laura C. Ortinau, Heather A. Hoertel, and Heather J. Leidy, all wrote an article about the health benefits of protein. The article “"Low, Moderate, or High Protein Yogurt Snacks on Appetite Control and Subsequent Eating in Healthy Women” states that in recent years Americans have noticed a rise in obesity, and a lot of research has been done to find out what the body needs to stay health, and protein was at the top. Carolyn O’Neil from the Atlanta Journal wrote an article entitled “Greek Yogurt has Protein Power." In the article O’Neil. She states that many people are eating Greek yogurt over eggs because it has more protein than eggs and it lower in fat content. She also says that protein is essential for the body, it doesn’t only improve muscle strength, but it also helps in weight management. A release in the article “Research and Markets Adds Report: Greek Yogurt Market in the US: Trends, Size, and Forecast 2015-2019” , Research and Market report that, a rise in health awareness and the health benefits of Greek yogurt are two of the main reasons that have led to product demand by

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