The Little Prince Analysis

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The book contains adventures that may have excites the children. However, in between those simple lines of quest, lies a deep meaning and significance. You must take in the words slowly but surely to analyze and understand the flow of the story. Although, it is a children’s book, the story both captivates the mind and heart of both adults and little ones alike. This story is an instrument to a great recollection of past memories of childhood. It is like a reminder that we were once child, and we should never forget that, in this world full of grownups. The author made the readers, to remember seeing things in deeper sense and to value these essential things. Prior to what the fox said, “What is essential is invisible to the naked eye.” We,…show more content…
The Little Prince quests from asteroid-to-asteroid is quite amusing, along with the encounter with its inhabitant. Moreover, as the protagonist of the story, the little prince is an icon of innocence and curiosity. The other protagonist, the Pilot seeks for adventure and knowledge. For he travelled all around the world with his aircraft, that he became familiar with the coast of China and Africa. However, both protagonists struggle on their quests but they found comfort within each other. Both of them answers the quest of one another, as they developed love and inseparable friendship with each other. Along with the illustration provided on the book, you could easily imagine the storyline. However, unlocking the meaning of the story requires passion and perseverance. It was easy to remember the drawing made by the pilot, from the boa constrictors down to the sheep he drew for the Prince. Nevertheless, you might mistook the boa constrictor as a hat. It was difficult to perceive what the drawing is, and it’s meaning behind. Yet, it was a great relevance for the young readers to visualize what the characters has said. Although, an adult supervision is needed to explain its meaning…show more content…
At an early age, I loved the little prince and the fox. I do not understand the story at first since I was so young. However, with the aid of my mother’s explanation, I was able to expound the meaning of the book. I even cried when the Little Prince disappeared. Though, I know in my heart that his story will always come alive within me. Thus, when I became older, I would still greatly hold unto the meaning of this context. I will never forget being a child, even when I became a

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