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Service Dogs Training Tips • Service dogs provide an excellent support system to their disabled partners which give them an opportunity to live their life fully. They are trained enough to do a variety of tasks for their handlers including opening and closing the doors, retrieving dropped items, medication, alerting them to a particular situation, and giving them an all-round emotional support. Although each service dog is tailor trained to meet the specific needs of their handler, yet a lot of people do not know how to interact with a service dog. Why is consistent and on-going training important for service dogs? To ensure that the Service dogs perform the tasks assigned to them perfectly, they need to have unflappable temperaments. Furthermore,…show more content…
Service dogs require ongoing training and consistent refreshing of skill training to do their job with the desired outcomes. Below are some of the reasons to emphasize the importance of consistent training for service dogs- Consistent and an on-going training is must for the service dogs to learn new skills that adapt to changes when their handler’s disabling condition progresses or their needs for assistance change accordingly. It is important to realize that with proper approach and the right kind of training, you can train your service dog to do the job perfectly. Some of the important points regarding the training of service dogs are discussed below- A service dog must be calm, have a great temperament, and psychologically sound. The service dog must be in good & sound health along with high intelligence level, enough to train to be of required assistance to the disabled person in need. Although any dog can be trained to be a service dog, the most common breeds used in assistance work to be trained as service dogs are Labradors, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers. Common methods and tasks used to train service

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