Earthquake Case Study

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Earthquake rescue organization – Team A We are an earthquake rescue volunteer team in the UAE. We handle the volunteer-operations necessary for the safest rescue in case of an earthquake disaster. In the case of an earthquake, there are so many factors that need to be considered for the safest rescue of people and their property; where that is possible. We strive to be there to help the people long before they may know they need help, and all the way through after they realize they do. There are several factors that we work through before, during and after an earthquake. Before an Earthquake One of the most of important things we do before an earthquake is that we get certified as volunteers. This means that we go through the necessary…show more content…
There are situations when just our team’s help is not enough and we may need to call in backup. Sometimes the survivors we save need extra medical help that just cannot be provided in the circumstances we find them in. An additional training we do is learning the proper use of walky-talkies and use of special equipment like climbing gear. Alongside regular training, some of our members get special training and certification, or do additional services pre-earthquake. Even though all our members are trained and certified in first aid, we have 2 members who are also certified medics/doctors because we know that there are situations where we need help from those who have more experience in the medical field. Our expert of the environment works as an expert in guiding construction companies with the various terrains. They know about earthquake-prone areas, how to handle various terrains, and work on educating people about various terrains so that they can be prepared and can know the safest area to go to, to be in safety in an earthquake…show more content…
Before the earthquake we ensure the fire-force, ambulance, medical-related personnel and police are ready at our call for when the earthquake happens and in case we need extra help which we cannot handle on our own. 2. We make sure to learn what different zones (such as safe zone, evacuation zone, sick zone, etc.) may be marked as on a map given by the police on the site of an earthquake. 3. We also hold contacts to make sure that people are provided with the food and water in areas where the earthquake has hit, if we are out of our supplies. The Earthquake Happened A 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck the Northern part of Sharjah at 8am on Friday, April 24th, injuring over 350 people and killing more than 20. Within hours of the earthquake, Team A relocated to a villa compound in Sharjah. We arrived at a mixed-villa compound/area. As we realized the earthquake was happening we knew we would soon be needed for assistance especially this time because it was a very strong and destructive earthquake. However the first most important thing we needed to do was make sure that we were safe, because if we are not safe, how can we begin to save the

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