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Throughout video games you see many things; landscapes, characters, stories, all of which have been carefully designed and created in a mindset for perfection. You may ask, “Who made all of this?”, and to which the answer is a Video Game Designer. The term is very broad, and there can be a number of different types of jobs for the designer, but it ultimately on the company because each one often has a different process they follow. Typically, a video game designer creates a rough draft of the entire layout of a game, and then the team begins their work on it. I selected my topic because it’s something I’ve been interested in for awhile and figured I’d do some in depth research on the topic for the project to truly determine if it’s what I’d like to pursue or not. Video Game Design is a great career choice for me because it offers many ways to express my…show more content…
The tasks are complicated in such a way that many companies may go about a different route handling them, but there are some techniques shared between development companies. The main similarity shared between all video game companies is that there are teams tasked to handle specific duties pertaining to Game Design, and it’s so in depth that the tasks have to be split up the way they have been. ¨There are four main teams: design, artistic, programming, and testing. The Design team writes the concept, character interactions, and gameplay elements. The programming team plans and codes software, and the testing team finds errors in the game before it is published¨ (¨Crosby¨). By splitting up into teams, the companies are more competent to their goals in Video Game development, and the reason for this is simply the massive effort required to successfully create and execute the ideas in a way that flows together smoothly and delivers the experience they desire to give to the

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