Police Brutality Case Study

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Woman Watches Cop Suspiciously – MB 800-900 Headline: When One Cop Pulls Her Over, a Woman Quickly Becomes Suspicious. She Grabs Her Camera and Ends Up Recording a Completely Surprising Act. Summary: Casey had read news stories about police brutality. Whenever she saw someone pull over, she pulled out her camera to record the entire interaction. She believed that her job was to police the police. On one unusual encounter, she ended up recording something completely unexpected. Introduction: Police officers promise to protect and serve their communities. They put their lives at risk every shift to help make our lives safer. While most of the police are talented, compassionate people, there are always a few bad people in every profession.…show more content…
Three years ago, someone had robbed a house in her neighborhood. Since she was driving a similar car, she was pulled over. The officer who pulled her over was rude and abusive. He twisted her arms as he handcuffed her wrists and was verbally abusive. Instead of telling her why she was being arrested, he crudely through her in the back of the police car. When the officer learned that the actual suspect was arrested a few miles away, he released Casey without a word. He did not apologize or say anything. As he drove away, she rubbed the bruises on her wrists and cried. Since that day, Casey had never trusted police officers. It had been three years since she was wrongly accused, but she still recorded any encounter with police. Even when she saw someone else pulled over, she would stop her car to tape the encounter. If she encountered another bad officer, she would have proof.…show more content…
He was so distracted by the game that his wheelchair hit a groove in the pavement. His phone flew out of his hand and into the gutter. Cussing, Lionell tried to move his wheelchair to pick up the phone. No matter how he angled the chair, he could not reach it. - Insert a picture of Officer Ronald blocking traffic. Officer Ronald Howard noticed that Lionell was having problems, so he came over to help. He stopped his police car in the middle of the road so that no one would hit Lionell. As Ronald walked closer, he saw what the problem was. The phone was wedged into the gutter. Kneeling down, he picked up the phone and handed it to Lionell. To his surprise, Lionell suddenly started shouting. Cars were backing up around the police car, and pedestrians were starting to gather. Across the street, Casey was videotaping the entire scene. Ronald wheeled Lionell out of the road before he went back to his car to park it safely out of the way. - Insert a picture of Officer Ronald wheeling Lionell across the

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