Dystopian Society Exposed In The Film Children Of Men

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In the film Children of Men, Director Alfonso Cuarón provides a dystopian society set in the future, while incorporating today’s society to make the movie more realistic. The contemporary society in the movie is a darker version of the present society, which influences the audience to relate and connect with the movie in a much deeper way than if it showcased futuristic dystopian worlds found in other movies. Through the camerawork, and clever technique of creating a fictional world in our own society, Cuarón leaves the audience with an eerie image of the world they live in. At the beginning of the movie, before any of the characters or images are shown, the voices of newscasters are heard describing the incidents that have taken place during that day: “Day 1000 in the siege of Seattle,” “The Muslim community demands an end to military occupation,” “British borders remain closed, the deportation of illegal immigrants will continue”…show more content…
He provides a restless camera as a set of nonjudgmental eyes on the world that can’t be elaborated on within the larger narrative. However, the constant camerawork moves away from the central characters in order to concentrate on the events happening around them to provide the audience with a realistic image of dystopian society, and the tragic effects of war in the area it is fought in. On the news of our society, we hear about the tragic bombings, about the progress of war along with images and short videos to display it. However, it is different when you are viewing from the outside in a place far away from the actual event. Cuarón uses this opportunity to give the viewer a closer look of warfare, of tragedy, and effects of a dystopian society in order for them to get emotionally invested in the film and make them think critically about the world and how they see

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