Importance Of Chemical Engineering

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Introduction India is a developing country in south Asia. It has made advanced progress in the field of science, engineering and technology. After independence there were a handful of colleges and universities offering courses in engineering and technology. Today, there is drastic increase in the number of in engineering institutes. In recent time, the study of engineering generally has received less attention. A number of studies suggest that socio-political factors such as the level of technology acceptance are not solely responsible.1 However; it is nowadays less common for parents to advise young people to study a natural science or a technical subject. Disciplines such as business administration, accountancy, law, psychology, and medicine appeared to be more attractive than engineering studies, which are regarded as more difficult and less lucrative.3 Scenario…show more content…
Over a hundred universities are present in India of which considerable percent of them offer chemical engineering. Today, Institute of National Importance like IITs, NITS, Elite status granted State and Private universities provide undergraduate and post-graduate courses in india. Enormous growth in chemical engineering education was seen in the year when approval was given to private owned institutes for exploring the courses in chemical engineering and technology. The local Chemical Engineering is faced with an environment in which employment is temporal, unstable, and scarce. The orientation of the chemical engineering education received must change to accommodate the highlighted problems. Development of a nation can be made on the principle that the people are fully informed, educated and prepared to work very hard, be firm and stable both in planning and execution. Planned economy must put into consideration profitable utilization of the material resources and manpower of the country
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