Argumentative Essay On Fracking

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Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, uses high pressure water along with other harsh chemicals to mine into the shale to extract natural gas and oil. Natural gas companies practice this technique largely on domestic soil. The technology is not new, but it has recently been innovated and used more in the United States. The chemicals used to get to the underground resources are poisonous, so efforts are made to dispose of hazardous products correctly, but many people have claims of insufficient methods for disposing the poisonous waste. Because of conflicting ideas about fracking it has become a controversial topic in the engineering community. Hydraulic fracturing has created benefits and raised safety concerns; the controversy makes further research…show more content…
In his article, Manuel states, “The agency’s scoping document identifies three major categories for research: characterization of the fracking life cycle, potential relationships to drinking water sources, and potential health and environmental hazards” (Manuel). These plans for future investigation show that legitimate problems are found in the process. Growing operations commonly undergo steady development in order to achieve the most productive procedure possible. In the article Benefits of Hydraulic Fracking the author states, “…more studies need to be done to determine exactly how fracking affects the environment and public health so that governments can make informed decisions” (Barth 13). In a separate article the push for more extensive research repeats, and it is for the protection of people and the environment. The statement also addresses the lack of necessary information to make adequate decisions that affect the future of fracking. A developing technology should not be hindered without justification, and a thorough understanding is essential in deciding the future of a valuable resource. When human health and long-term environmental safety become questionable, it becomes imperative to gain knowledge on the subject. Fracking created a boom in natural gas and oil production, but as safety is a major concern, the technology may still need

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