Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience With A Sea Empire

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this first month in romania is an all squad month, which means that 33 teenagers, 6 leaders, and myself are living together in one household. yeah somewhat overwhelming. and to no surprise god has been teaching me some lessons through daily life with my many roommates. the main one (and my least favorite) being patience; something that the lord made loud and clear when i had a little incident with a sea creature. first though, let’s discuss the mission house, it can get a little chaotic here. each morning the squad, as a whole, has worship and session at hope church at precisely 9 am. so around 7 am everyday, the house is alive. the bathroom, our own world race waterpark, typical has line out the door for showers and bathrooms. any inch of the back patio becomes a gym for sprints, yoga, stretching, and even lifting (bricks, water gallons, people, or whatever’s available). the kitchen starts to pump out the sweet aroma of eggs, bacon, and coffee, shortly followed by…show more content…
there was blood up and down my leg, and to my surprise on my toes. i turned my right foot over and behold about 30 of those dreaded dark spiky spikes were embedded in my smallest toes. i felt so incredibly dumb. there i sat on the rocks, the former missionary kid who lived in the caribbean with two years of exposure to those sea devils; the only one out of 40 to have stepped on one after repeated instruction to NOT do the very thing i just did. so as i hobbled one-footed down the path back to the beach with the help and supervision of joel and amy beth (god bless you both), then carried through the sand, and handed my things on a beach chair, it came to me that i was the very person that i hated back at the squad house. the irresponsible person that doesn’t listen to instruction, that did the one and only thing they were told not to do, and the one the whole squad had to wait

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