Narnia Character Analysis

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From the characters of Susan, Lewis implies that using emotion and feeling to solve the problem is not a good way because it can increase the weakness. Lewis portrays the negative images of using emotion to solve problems towards Susan’s characteristic. Susan once has a high bravery when they fight against evil in the first novel, but then Lewis push her down by taking away her faith in Narnia. It is the way Lewis makes the negative images of Susan who is always using her emotion to solve problems and has the least courageous among the Pevensie siblings. After all we can see the difference personality between Edmund and Susan Pevensie. The writer found the patriarchal thought here. Edmund who is a smart boy always using his head to solve the…show more content…
Lady Polly, who is older and wiser than Jill, points out that the problem of Susan is not being grow up but her interest in opposite sex. The problem is Susan does not put the things correctly; she makes the second thing, interest in opposite sex, being the first and lost her faith of Narnia. Susan is the only protagonist who has experience in Narnia and relationship with Aslan does not change her to be a better person. Indeed, she is very kind and soft but she is the one who turn her back from Narnia, she lost her faith for Narnia. And for Lewis that is a big unforgiven mistake so Susan could not join to the heaven of Narnia. Writer can conclude from the sin of Susan that from these novels Lewis shows the difference between genders, especially the woman who has huge feminine elements in her characteristic. Susan is a pretty girl and Lucy wants to have a look like Susan, for Lewis, it is a mistake to try to be pretty because she might try to use it to achieve her goals. That is why women who know they are pretty are almost portrayed as a bad woman, because they are manipulator of men. They would be sentence to hell, just like White Witch and Susan. Even Susan is a good character in the first novel, but she lost her faith for Narnia, interesting in woman stuff and she uses her beauty to attract the opposite

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