Disadvantages Of Microorganisms

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Introduction Microorganism is microscopic , the word ‘microscopic’means it is very small in size that we human are unable to view these microbes by our human naked eyes . Hence , we have got to use the microscope to study the structure of the microorganisms and to discover various species of new cells around us in the world. There are different types of microscopes like Electron Microscope , Scanning Probe Microscope , Light Microscope and the like . Among all these microscope , the easiest microscope to be handled is the Light Microscope , although it has a couples of disadvantages that cannot be denied , however , it is still able to view the microbes . It is also the commonly used microscope for the student in University . Materials Onion bud leaves , acetocarmine stain , methlyene blue , safranin , immersion oil, light microscopes, glass slides , cotton bud stick , cover slips , blades forceps , distilled water Methods Onion bulb Leaf 1.Students were given a segment of onion bulb leaf 2.The onion epidermis was peeled off from the inner side of the onion bulb leaf with a blade 3.The onion epidermis was then placed on the microscope slide 4.A drop of acetocarmine stain was then added onto the slide 5.The cover slip had been placed slowly on top of the specimen by first , holding its sides and laying…show more content…
The immersion oil was dropped onto the cover slip just to make the cells to be seen more easily .The yeasts are unicellular fungi . It’s possible for them to be remained in a short chains which will then form a pseudomycelium , however they do not form true mycelium . Yeast cells can be variable in shape , they can be in oval shape , elongated as well as globose .Under the 100X magnification and with the used of immersion oil , yeast was seen to be like a water droplet shape with a round bottom and with a point sharp head

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