Eec 584 Phase 1 Report

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EEC 584 : COMPUTER NETWORKS Phase-1 Report Team Members : Konathala Lokesh Kumar - 2642044 Guna sree Janapati - 2642414 Aditya Maduri - 2643495 Computing On Encrypted Data Abstract : On considering computer network secutity, there are several problems that can be addressed such as integrity, data secrecy, digital signature problems and authentication. To provide a significant protection for the data,a well-established security control is Encryption. On the basis of this encryption, we would like to propose a digital signature authentication technique. In this paper, we are trying to solve the problem by considering a scheme which is shared secretly with digital signature protocols and authentication. For the handwritten signatures, inorder to provide digital counterpart digital signature schemes are designed. These authentications and digital signature protocols are purely based upon symmetric cryptography. Formerly, for each signature, many hash function computations are involved which is referred to as one-time digital signature. We demonstrate that our proposal performs much better than one-time digital signature. Introduction : The…show more content…
Every user must keep their secret key very confidential and a number of public keys, against being changed [3] it should only be protected. DSA,RSA,ELGAMAL are some asymmetric algorithms which are well known. However, asymmetric algorithms are much slower compare to symmetric algorithms. Therefore, in many applications, both the algorithms are used. The asymmetric keys are used mainly for the purpose of authentication and by using these asymmetric encryption , we can create one or more symmetric keys. In this we can use both the algorithms to overcome the advantage of asymmetric

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