Importance Of Advocacy For Children

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Advocating For Those Who Cannot Imagine the world is changing around you, new faces, new places, and new regulations. Now imagine that you couldn’t speak throughout all these changes. You are unable to say how you feel, what you need or want, or to even ask for help. As we know communication consist of verbal and non-verbal. We use non-verbal communication from young adolescence into our adult hood. Now imagine having Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism is often characterized by having difficulties with social interaction and communication. Children with ASD often have a difficult time coping with changes and struggle to communicate. Being unable to communicate effectively interferes with everyday life thus why advocating for these children is imperative.…show more content…
Some forms include self-advocacy, advocating for family, co-workers or friends, and advocating for children. Advocating for what you believe in is critical especially in a field that works with children. You face countless challenges that require you to advocate. Many children do not have a voice in their own lives, as many choices are often made by adults/ caregivers/ and guardians. Children often have many adult influences present in their life including family, teachers, mentors, etc. Some children may also have adult influences such as social workers, therapist, and even police. It is in hopes that these adults act in a manner that is for the best interest of these children. Something I have learned in the start of my career is that this is unfortunately not always the

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