Jehovah's Witnesses: Witnessed In The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a very important event in history which changed millions of peoples lives. Many people, of all different races, lost their lives in the Holocaust and many more were badly injured. Jehovah’s Witnesses were one of these groups that were imprisoned during the Holocaust. They were one of the smaller and more unkown groups in the Holocaust because there were few of them that were imprisoned and even fewer that were killed. Despite their small numbers they had many different impacts on the events that occured in the Holocaust. Many bad things happened to the Jehovah’s Witnesses for unjustified reasons and they had to suffer these events for over six years. Jehovah's Witnesses were discriminated against long before the Holocaust even began. Although they were not imprisoned yet, they were heavily discriminated against by mostly Germans because of their beliefs. This tells us that the Germans disliked Jehovah’s…show more content…
One of the main ways they were used was “Witnesses were considered unusually trustworthy because they refused to escape from camps or physically resist their guards. For this reason, Witnesses were often used as domestic servants by Nazi camp officers and guards. When being used as a domestic servant, the Witnesses would carry important information around the camps or take notes about information on the war and other things for the nazi that had control over them. They were so devoted to their faith that the Witnesses wouldn’t attempt to reveal important information to anyone which meant the nazis didn't have to worry about secrets getting out. A psychoanalyst, Bruno Bettelheim, said that the witnesses were somewhat sustained in the Holocaust because they relied on their belief that their suffering was part of their work for god. Therefore most of the Witnesses survived during their time in the Holocaust just because of their

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