How Does Materialism Affect Society

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Flash forward to today, teens are severely influenced by their environment- and by environment I don’t mean nature, I mean society. A teenage girl from Chicago, admits in The Washington Times, “Let’s face it... Honestly, what teenage girl doesn’t want to look cute and have the latest accessories?" (“Materialism spikes"). She sees it every day at school and the way they act. A lot of teens aren't often exposed to nature, so they are trapped indoors and have nothing else to do but worry about their "position" in society, and often bring other peers into the battle with them (“Materialism spikes"). A young man living in New York City confesses, “To be completely honest... I don’t even appreciate everything I have sometimes. Yes, I have a nice apartment, a great job, a great degree, great clothing. But I feel empty inside rather often.” (“Materialism spikes"). This 24-year old suddenly decided to give up his "perfect" life to live out his true passion, acting (“Materialism spikes"). Dreams can come true after all! Materialism can affect every aspect of a person's life: Mentally, physically, and socially. Rindfleisch and Burroughs prove that "unrestrained materialism leads to a host of negative outcomes for both the individual and society" (219). Studies show that contentment with life is severely lowered when one revolves their life around…show more content…
Of course, but it is very rare. Materialism has provided us with innovative technologies, readings and writings, protective shelter, and weather safety (Strayer, 21). Pessimists have an advantage while gambling at a casino (Carver, 885). They know that they are never going to win, so they tend to bet less money after losing the first time (Carver, 885). When going through tough times, material goods may help humans feel security (Carver, 884). Although materialism does provide some benefits, it's crazy to rely on this "artificial" society to give us peace and prosperity (Strayer,

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