Victim Witness Advocate Research Paper

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The goal of the victim witness advocate process is to inform the victim of his or her rights within the criminal justice system, as well as give them incentive to participate in their case. It consists in attending court proceedings and aid in the prosecution of their cases. The victim witness advocate provides services that lower the level of injuries associated with the aftermath of victimization, making their participation in the system less difficult. Advocates make use of these services to reduce confusion with the victim providing them with explanation of their role in the criminal justice process. The victim witness advocate is a passionate profession that is provided by districted attorneys that are involved with individuals that have been victimized to a point that they are unable to have a voice to speak up on their own behalf. This office has as priority to help those individuals recover from their victimization and fight for their rights. On the behalf of the victim, the victim witness advocate acts as bridge between victims and numerous departments of the criminal justice system such as; courts, police departments, parole board, and that also includes social services agencies. In order to get help and information for the victims the advocate works through the system by supporting…show more content…
The advocate provide enough information to the victim and its support in order to a victim comes to best in decision making, by doing so this advocate engages in a high confidentiality with the victimized individual and the information may be kept private. However, advocate need to release some the information that he or she may obtained to authorities only, some examples of information that might need to be released is in case of a client is threatening of hurting itself or someone else and the negligence or abuse of a

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