Role Of Consultation And Advocacy

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The Role of Consultation and Advocacy In the field of counseling the school counselor will act as an advocate and a consultant. Advocacy is an act of speaking on the behalf of a student such as making recommendations, defending, and even disputing a case. The role of a consultant is to evaluate, diagnose and provide a recommendation for the individual in need. The role of a consultant is collaborative. This paper will evaluate the similarities and differences and provide examples. Definition and Application of Consultation and Advocacy Advocacy in school counseling means to help or assist those that are in need. This section will address the importance and practice of advocacy for school counselors with application to the inner city…show more content…
The counselor is to become familiar with the student, the teaching style and any strategies that may not have worked in the past, in order for the counselor to draw a potential solution. In a consultation model everyone who participates in the consultation holds equal authority and depends on each other for knowledge. The ultimate goal of consultation is to empower those that are involved to help assist students in areas of personal, social and academic development. The school counselor should not be the sole source of support and information. Consultation is a collaborative method whereas as advocacy can be done alone. Consultation and advocacy are similar in that they both provide support and speak for a…show more content…
During the intake, the couple begins to ask legal questions about the process of divorce, dividing of assets, and state law. The therapist will act as a consultation to help the couple deal with the struggles in their relationship; he will work to understand that what has happened can be fixed if they are willing to work together in their marriage and with possible outside factors. The counselor will help them come to terms with the changes that are occurring in their marriage. The therapist is there to keep information confidential especially if information is given during separate

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