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For the three largest firms in the industry, the market may not look close. Netflix has been the pioneer in streaming services leading the way for companies to offer the same service’s as they do. These companies are the three that standout in the subscription services however, they do not offer the exact same products. Netflix pays companies millions of dollars for the exclusive rights to their content, thus making it harder for competitive companies to offer the same or equal content. Netflix also started making its own original series prior to other companies, once the shows took off the other competitors started trying the same. When we examine the three companies we see the differences in their services. Netflix again offers its customers exclusive viewing rights to the most popular shows, and they…show more content…
Amazon Prime is also an online shopping hub where a customer can buy almost anything they want. Amazon used the original shopping service and paired it with its streaming service in hopes to get more members. As the chart shows above they only hold 13 percent of the market compared to Netflix’s 36. Hulu on the other hand tried to catch lightning in a bottle by offering similar services and streaming content to its users as Netflix does. Due to Netflix’s license agreements with other companies, Hulu had to device a separate system to offer their customers. They pay licensing agreements for next day viewing of shows, such as Gotham and South Park. The kicker to them being able to show networks programing the next day is that they can only carry a certain amount of episodes of the current season at a time. Although both Netflix and Hulu show the same show, Hulu only gets the content for a limited time for its viewers to enjoy while Netflix holds the exclusive viewing rights as the seasons

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