Examples Of Antic Disposition In Hamlet

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To Put An Antic Disposition on: Hamlet was in extreme grief of his father’s death and a sort of disgust for his mother on her hasty marriage with his uncle who was never match with his dead father. He went in melancholy when his father’s ghost revealed the true cause of his death in the hands of his wicked brother Claudius and the duty to avenge his uncle further made his mind disturbed and despaired. Thus, to go through his plan and task of avenging his uncle he said to disguise himself in the madness as he says; “As I perchance here after shall think meet To put an antic disposition on . . . . . . . .” (Act I, Scene V, Lines 179-180) From this very utterance of prince it can be concluded that he had feigned madness in order to deceive the courtiers as to the real state of his mind. Hamlet Succeeded Deceiving Ophelia and Polonius:…show more content…
“The description at once leads Polonius to the conclusion that Hamlet was insane with “the very ecstasy of love” and that he had discovered the root cause of Hamlet’s insanity(Umrani;_______;41).” It was his sole purpose to impress Polonius with his lunacy arising out of love and he succeeded with marvelous effect. Hamlet beguiles Polonius and entitles him ‘fishmonger’ and taunts him with bitter and harsh words. Polonius
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