Plantain Chips Case Study

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My friend loves plantain. She loves it cooked, boiled, roasted, and in whatever other plantain “expression” exists including plantain chips. On her way to work she buys two packs and another two packs on her way home. She does this week in week out. I remember on one occasion on our drive to the office she bought a certain brand of plantain chips for everyone in the car. On another occasion, as we rode to the office she bought plantain chips for everyone in the car but I noticed she bought a different brand of plantain chips. As she motioned to the “traffic entrepreneur” carrying the brand of chips she wanted, I noticed the other brand of plantain chips she had bought earlier, so I asked why she didn’t go for the other brand considering that…show more content…
Yes! scolding her. He said she was been ungrateful, that hasn’t she noticed that the price of plantain is going up and this was not plantain season, that if it were in a developed nation that she wouldn’t see the plantain chips at all, that they trying to help and she is still complaining. The CEO further said that he knew that there was no salt and pepper in the Plantain chips and continued on and on. My friend mentioned to him that she studied agricultural science and understands all he was trying to explain but asked that wouldn’t it be better to produce fewer packs with quality than reduce their quality. He went on by saying that if she really studied agricultural science that she would have understood what he was trying to say and kept on talking. She had a knock on the door them put the phone on speaker walked out of the office to receive a mail packaged and on returning noticed that he was still talking not even noticing that she had stepped out. He further continued until she told him that she had to go and switched off the phone. I couldn’t believe my ears. She said she didn’t either. It would have been easier to believe if the line manager did this and not the CEO. I was

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