Difference Between Liberalism And Imperialism

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Before the 1700s, nations’ upper classes ruled the government as the rest simply followed the laws. However, the weaker forces applied Enlightenment ideas which sparked their urge to rebel and challenge the norm. The Political Revolutions that emerged in the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s were forced by the ideas of nationalism, liberalism, and imperialism. Nationalism drove the Political Revolutions as commoners united to overpower the sovereign. According to the textbook, “In 1868, an army led by allies of the emperor ended the reign of the last shogun” (History Alive, 185). As a divided country, the emperor’s armies have overthrown the shogun. Therefore, their allegiance to the true leader brought Japan into the path of westernization together…show more content…
“The British held onto Egypt and took much of the rest of northeast Africa” (History Alive, 194). Due to the Suez Canal’s opening, Africa caught the attention of European countries as the travel time is reduced. However, Egyptian rebellions wanted to close the canal, yet Britain saw this as an advantage to conquer their lands. Along with Africa’s strategic location was India’s resources. The British East India Company harshly controlled India which led to rebellions of armies, however, “when the government took charge of the colony, in 1858, all of India came under British rule” (History Alive, 194). Even though imperialism brought new technology to India, its resources and nationals were abused for the benefit of Britain once again. With this invasion came further captures of other territories and competition with Russia. As Russia targeted China, “the Chinese conceded, or granted, to Russia an area of land in Manchuria for its railway” (History Alive, 194). With Russia taking control over northern China, the Trans-Siberian Railroad connects both countries for easier travel. As another tactical colony, China has sparked the interest of imperialist powers that intended to gain access to its great population. With these imperialist powers fighting over China, Russia prevailed and influenced China to be more

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