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By the late 1970’s most styles of music had already been used to the point where some artist considered the idea, that anything that was worth doing had been done. This theory, that all discoveries had been discovered, lead to post modernism. Because no new styles existed, these post modern thinkers developed the concept of incorporating past styles in a variety of ways; utilizing scores and techniques that developed into a pseudo-neo-sound. Punch Drunk Love approached it’s scores by using the post modern approach, and incorporated styles ranging from classical love scores to electronic reparative sounds. With these techniques the film become more than just a story, it reached a new level of audio-visual aesthetics that only post modern skills were capable of achieving.…show more content…
The first ten minutes of the film is pure silence, aside form Barry’s dialogue, then enters a piano and horns repeating on a loop. This is one of the first tricks used in the film from past decades, by using 80’s synthesizers techniques with a drum machine, and classical orchestra instruments, the score undergoes the process accretion and terracing. This process is repeated through the film, but what I found to be unique was when the process was used. It seemed at first to be a leitmotif for Barry any time he was experiencing awkward moments of high tension. These moments were conveyed as emotional and extremely challenging but, once the music is taken away, whats left is just stressful moments. By using the synthesizers and classical instruments that were reacted and who’s tonalities changed, the film became more than just a mundane moment in an average persons life. It became a comedy that never quiet reached it’s climax but always left you reaching for

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