Comparing Dreams In Our Town And A Raisin In The Sun

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In the plays Our Town and A Raisin in the Sun both go over the subject of dreams many times. On the subject of dreams J.K. Rowling stated “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” Dreams are many different things however they should not be the only things that people have in life. Characters in both plays struggle with their dreams, and others achieve their dreams. Dreams are important to have, but unless you work hard and achieve those dreams they do not really matter. Some dreams never get achieved, some just get put off and never achieved, and some just were never possible in the first place. People do finish sometimes achieve their dreams too. Whether you finish your dreams, or they never come to realization, dreams…show more content…
In Our Town someone who achieved their dreams is George. George had always had a dream of being a farmer, “Yeah. But, you see, I want to be a farmer, and my Uncle Luke says whenever I’m ready I can come over and work on his farm and if I'm any good I can just gradually have it.”(Wilder 29) George always wanted to be a farmer and got the chance to after he passed high school and moved onto the farm with Emily, “We wanted to show you the new barn and a great long cement drinking fountain for the stock. We bought that out of the money you left us.”(Wilder 88) After George and Emily got married they moved onto the farm and made renovations to it with the money that Mrs.Gibbs left them. Someone who achieved their dreams in A Raisin in the Sun is Ruth. Ruth had the dream of moving out of the house they were living in and into an actual one. “Well well! All I can say is if this is in life MY TIME to say good-bye to these ... cracking walls! and these marching roaches! and this cramped little closet which ain't now or never was no kitchen! . . . then I say it loud and good, HALLELUJAH! AND GOOD-BYE MISERY.. . I DON'T NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR UGLY FACE AGAIN!”(Hansberry 536-537) Ruth is overjoyed when she gets to leave the old house and move into a new one. Ruth’s dream was to move into an actual house, and she achieved

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