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A cult is a series of religious events directed towards a particular figure or object that are worshiped by their ‘followers’ and often end in disaster. Whereas a religion is when they believe that a superhuman has the power to control all, often referred to as a god/s. This makes a cult similar but different to a religion as a religion may worship and follow orders from a superior but they often do not cause harm to others or themselves. One example of a cult was the cult led by Charles Manson going by the name of the Manson Family. Charles Manson was well known in the law environment, his crimes started off by him robbing small corner shops. Manson was released from prison on the 21st March 1967; he spent that year gathering his followers…show more content…
In 1967, Susan met Charles while staying with friends and soon took a road trip with him and the “family”. In July 1969, Atkins was considered a trusted member by Charles. Charles trusted her so much that he took her and two others to track down a man for money. When this man would not give up the money Charles cut his face and then left the remaining trio to beat him to death. On the 8th August, Charles sent her to the house of Sharon Tate with the orders of killing her and her dinner guests. In October 1969 Atkins and the “family” were arrested for the murders. In 1971 Atkins was found guilty and sentenced to…show more content…
She later moved to California to live with her step sister who was a heroin addict. Krenwinkel met Charles when he was visiting a friend in the area. Krenwinkel was entranced with his guitar playing and slept with him that night. She had very low self-esteem and was easily manipulated when Charles called her beautiful. She eventually left with Charles to go on a tour to the United States. By 1969 Krenwinkel and many others were loyal followers of Charles and followed him anywhere. In October 1969, the Mason “family” were arrested and in 1971, she was sentenced to death. Linda Kasabian was a single mother when she met Charles. She was manipulated into the Manson “family” as Charles gave a false lead of security. When the murders occurred she played the part of the getaway driver for both crimes, she did not enter the house in the time of the murder and less than two days later fled the Manson “family”. During the trial Kasabian was the witness and avoided prosecution and was given immunity. She was the highlight of the news for quite a while until she fled and changed her name. She remained hidden until found by a documenter in

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