Sociological Perspective On Abortion

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A Sociological Perspective on Abortion (Hook) Among the countless issues that divide our nation today, abortion is one the most burdensome. Many people within our society choose to see the benefits of this philosophical issue without considering the consequences and others decide to only indulge themselves in the consequences of this procedure, without ever considering the benefits that it could have. Although abortion is currently legal within the United States there are many aspects of this procedure that could be categorized as immoral, one of the more significant being that it is categorized as murder to most whom identify with a religious association. For those who do support abortion whether they identify with a religious organization…show more content…
Due to the length of the case that began on March 3rd, 1970 when Norma McCovery was already six months pregnant she had given birth and placed her child up for adoption long before the Supreme Court made their decision in January of 1973. Later in her life Norma McCovery had changed her mind on the subject of abortion turning against it as a practice and becoming a large supporter of the pro-life movement. (Transition) Because of the Supreme Courts decision in the Wade v. Roe case abortion is now legal and for people throughout the United States it has become a part of their daily…show more content…
Conflict theorists emphasize that intimidation, conflict, and oppression will bring about change within society. The conflict theory is grounded in the idea that society contains different associations whom will struggle with each other in order to obtain resources that are considered valuable or to impose authority onto ones values of society. A social problem exists when a group of people believe that their interests are not being met and work to overcome what they believe is a disadvantage. In its most basic form, human life begins at conception, some could consider that abortion does not differ at all from murder since, it is the act of taking a human life. Some would argue that the embryo is not yet human since it has not fully developed, but within the first trimester the baby can make a fist, suck their thumb, get the hiccups, have a unique set of fingerprints, and all of the major body systems are functioning. All of this takes place in the time frame that the vast majority of abortions are performed. No civilized society permits a human to take the life of another without punishment, abortion is intentional harm to a living being and is a completely innocent life unable to protect itself. With this being said, it can be seen how a procedure such as abortion can leave a society numb to the matter of death and

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