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Biology M9 Writing Assignment Michele Brander Professor LaBella 3/29/2018 Abstract This assignment is about energy drinks, we will discuss, what they do to the human body, the amount that is too much for the body, if kids, pregnant women, and the elderly should be able to consume them, and if their use should be regulated. In this assignment I will be doing research on the subject and questions at hand, but I will also add in my personal feelings, opinions, and own experiences with energy drinks. Biology M9 Writing Assignment Energy drinks are marked as drinks that boost’s both physical and mental performance. The most in commonly used ingredient in these drinks is, caffeine. Other ingredients used to stimulate in these drinks are, guarana and ginseng. Each can, or bottle contains about 8 grams – 500 grams and 27.5 grams of sugar. What do energy drinks do to the body? Within the first ten minutes of consuming an energy drink, the main stimulant ingredient enters the blood stream, effecting the way the body normally functions, rising the individuals blood pressure and heart rate. Over the next 15-45 minutes, the main stimulants levels peak in levels within the bodies blood stream, resulting with the person feeling much more alert and having…show more content…
Energy drinks should not be sold to people under the age of 18 because in an energy drink there is a maximum of 80 milligrams of caffeine per 250 Milliliters which means energy drinks have a caffeine overload and that can cause sleep disruptions, heart arrhythmia, headaches and even death. A study shows that the age that people start drinking energy drinks is at the age of ten and this may pose serious harm to people under the age of 18. As you can see people under the age of 18 could face serious harm if drinking energy

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