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Hong Kong is a speed and efficiency city. In fast scenes Hong Kong-style restaurants and local fast food chain of this place, in particular, it provide a fast localized Chinese and Western cuisine. The former one, Cha Chan Teng, is also known cafe, as a unique fusion of Chinese and Western meal in Hong Kong. For the latter one, it is the restaurant ordering food court style at the entrance to collect the food to the food counter. Fast Food, but it is about the same high quality and general restaurant food often. In the case of fast food restaurants in the Hong Kong, there are 3 main chains -- Maxim, Cafe de Coral and Fairwood. Within the industry, there is a specific type of restaurant that is characterized by both of minimal table service.…show more content…
Company Background Fairwood Holdings Limited ( "Fair Wood" or "Group"): This is (52 securities code), one of Hong Kong and mainland China's leading fast food chain. The first of the Fairwood restaurant, founded in 1981, was established Chung on-street, in Tsuen Wan. On 10th May 1991, it listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, providing a platform for expansion and further development. In 2003, they revamped the brand image, not only focusing on the overall improvement of the quality of products and services but also starting re-branding campaign in the meantime. There was more advanced and practice of systematic operation management, and a more comprehensive employee engagement program. Over the years, the group has been gradually expanding the network of the stores in Hong Kong and mainland China. It owns more than 140 stores. Fairwood’s menu also offers a wide range of local Chinese cuisine and Western dishes. As a signature product is such ”Ah Wood Curry Series”, freshly baked pork chopped price, Spaghetti Bolognaise and sweet corn and diced pork rice. More and more innovative products, for example the popular "No MSG" series, including from various parts of Asia the chic cut the black pork cutlet and authentic cuisine, has been developed in recent years in response to customer…show more content…
The "Fairwood $ 4 Food Campaign" is one such effort aims to benefit the underprivileged. ii. Corporate Strategies With an emphasis on customer-oriented, Fairwood continues to develop new products and striving for constant quality through a rigorous selection of ingredients. Fairwood continues to innovate the product line, such as a series of "No MSG", a series of "Thick-Cut Black pork steak", and Japanese Ramens, serving the continually evolving food preferences of the customers. Fairwood is a pioneer in offering "personalized service", where the customers enjoy the delivery of their food on the tables. The group also runs all the shops in the a "Barrier-free" manner that there are installation of movable seats and ramps, as well as to providing services, such as personal food orders for clients with disabilities. Fairwood is fostering a culture of caring the existing employees, with the value of being "people-oriented". A variety of employee benefits, such as education fund of children, are implemented aiming at building a happy team. This can be translated into a pleasant dining experience for the customers as

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