English As A Global Language

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Presently, the dominant position of English as a global language is undeniable. However, there has been an inconclusive debate about whether English will remain to be the main means of global communication in the foreseeable future. In my opinion, its great use in dominant fields and its characteristics will enable English to continue to be the global language. To begin, English cannot be easily replaced by any other language as the "lingua franca" because it has been the global language for a long time. Between the 17th and 20th century, the British Empire, which was the largest empire in history, spread the use of the English language in its colonial regions such as the United States and Australia. Again, it was in the late of the 20th century,…show more content…
It has been the standard official language in many industries such as the airline or tourism business. Likewise, the film industry and show business are fields where English has ensured its hegemony. American films are the most well-known around the globe while film studios prefer English-speaking productions in order to have a broader audience. As a result, today, provided that in business world effective communication is the secret of success, companies of international level hire their professional staff with a prerequisite to have a good command of English. This is because, in this field, poor language skills can be destructive no matter how advanced someone's business skills are.Considering that business is a powerful domain which serves the society and affects many social aspects, it definitely can contribute to the maintenance of English as a world…show more content…
All of the above data provide confirmatory evidence that English will be the main Internet language and therefore, a global language for many years to come. Arguably, science is another field where English has a great dominance. The number of scientific publications written in English has increased the last few decades as non-native English speakers prefer it in order to acquire international leadership impact and reputation. For that reason, scientists all around the world attend English language conferences and read international journals that are also written in English. On these grounds, we can argue that English, is definitely the global language of the 21st century that enables the scientific progress. Another key thing to remember is that English is one of the simplest natural languages in the world. It is an analytical language with no significant synthetic while 60 percent of its words are Latin based. It is a gender-neutral language, with a low rate of inflections and simple verb

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