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Altruism in our society isn't diminishing however it's rather the scale that we recognize it. As our society improves altruistic acts can become unnecessary, although unfortunately that isn't the case in all parts of the world. The effects of altruism can extend from one person to internationally. On a small scale people who donate to charity and spend their time volunteering might only impact one or two people. In contrast Malala Yousafzai's influence on women's education rights have affected people on a global scale. In the Swat Valley of Pakistan, the Taliban took control of the area enforcing strict laws, brutal punishments, and seized Malala's Father's school. Girls were forbidden from pursuing education and faced threats if they did. Those who did not follow the laws were beaten or killed publicly and that included female students. Malala was one of the girls who took a stand against the Taliban's unreasonable rules. Her love for learning and idea that education can't be taken away lead her to start blogging about life under Taliban control for the BBC. The Taliban even attempted to assassinate Malala by hijacking a school bus and firing a bullet into her head.…show more content…
Malala once said, ''One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen, can change the world''. Even with her life on the line she continued with interviews and used her fame to bring awareness to the topic of education for women. She gained publicity from her blog and the assassination attempt which she used to start fundraisers and programs to allow girls worldwide to receive an education regardless of their situation. Malala now travels around the world speaking in women's rights and addressing issues like drone strikes. Her actions have had a monumental influence on the accessibility of

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