Education In A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Education is vital to a well-functioning civilization because it is the foundation of just about everything. Education allows for more jobs, increased ability to do jobs, and it increases the likelihood of individual success as well as success for society as a whole. An ideal society would educate all civilians, regardless of race or gender, and it has been proven that educated societies prosper. However, in many countries, such as Afghanistan, women haven't been granted the right to learn, preventing growth within the civilization and eventually leading to political and economic collapse. This is revealed in the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns when the author Khaled Hosseini illustrates his belief that women need access to education in order…show more content…
In the novel, Mariam visits Kabul and everything she sees amazes and inspires her. The women in the city "[are] a different breed", they have jobs and are enjoying their lives. They are performing tasks that seem so foreign to Mariam because they are doing things that are usually set aside for the men. The city was flourishing and developing, functioning seemingly better than other places Mariam had seen. Research revealed that this is credit to the women, defying stereotypes and proving "that women are capable of being successful in society educationally and professionally" (Burridge). These women were determined to have an education and to succeed in their everyday lives for society and for themselves. This research, from the novel and from articles, illustrates the reality of the lives of the women in Afghanistan and it proves that the empowerment and education of women leads to societal growth supporting Hosseini's idea of equality in…show more content…
It has been proven that society benefits greatly when women are education and when women are granted the same rights as men. Hosseini illustrates this in his novel when Mariam's mother explains the unfair gender roles to her. This is also addressed when Mariam is inspired and astounded by the women of Kabul. Lastly, he demonstrates this with the Taliban's unfair and cruel standards, refusing healthcare and medical jobs to women. Equality and education are key elements in a society's success and it has been proven through research and in the past that empowerment of women leads to an increased performance for individuals and for the

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