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Banning of Jallikattu What is Jallikattu and its cultural significance? Recently, Jallikattu was in the news, as to the Supreme Court has refused to lift the stay it had issued on banning of Jallikattu. Both the central and state governments were given notices by the Supreme Court as well. To know about the ban on Jallikattu, first one has to be clear enough on the event called “Jallikattu.” It is a traditional sport event of the state Tamil Nadu. Significance of this sport stems from its being ancient; in fact, it is mentioned in the Sangam literature as Eru Thazhuvuthal. Even the English administrators had mentioned it as an important part of the Indian culture. The cultural significance of Jallikattu can be proven from the above mentioned facts. The rural population’s approach to Jallikattu The bulls that win the event of Jallikattu are stud bulls. They are virile and they are preferred by the farmers to service the cows. The calves from such bulls are in much demand. But such bulls cnnot be…show more content…
The agencies which have been consistently demanding ban on jallikattu are the Animal Welfare Board of India, the Federation of India Animal Protection Agencies and PETA India. They never left this issue and clung to it, until it was decided by the court. The issue was passed from Supreme Court to Central government, the State government, The Ministry of Environment and Forest and ultimately back to the Supreme Court. These agencies have reported that the bulls are hit by nail studded sticks; they are terrified and tortured a lot during this event. Their tails are twisted and bitten. These agencies grabbed the support of some film celebrities who belong to the South Indian states. What can be the exact approach towards this issue? Since this issue involves lot of study and concentration, it cannot be decided immediately that whether it should be banned or should not banned. There are two parties

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