Identity: The Semantic Meaning Of Identity In Literature

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The concept of Identity is an intriguing component in social life and it is even dealt in cultural discourse. Itis even most mentioned or most discoursed theme in Literature. What is identity in its semantic meaning and what does it disclosein pragmatic interpretations? According to Oxford dictionary the semantic meaning of ‘identity’ is that ‘the fact of being who or what a person or thing is’. In pragmatic sense the meaning of ‘identity has many conventional elucidations. The world is satiated with full of people from different race, creed, color, tribe, religion, region, caste, and culture. Though, the people are amalgamated in survival zone as Aristotle rightly pointed out in his Politics that man is a social animal; an individual who cannot…show more content…
In one sense identityattends as a developedsupernumerary for ‘dignity’, ‘pride’, ‘status,’, ‘honor’,and ‘self-respect’.And another meaning functions as ‘denial of one’s identity’. In onegrouping, all most all identities are observable. Man is a social animal in Aristotle sense, but he/she is never satisfied with positioning himself/herself at peripheral zone. Of course, these zones are notional and relational, institutionalized by superior groups or individuals. Human beings always push themselves forward to stand at center. George Orwell’s concept from Animal Farm comes into argument or contestation that “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” (51). It is of no offense when one perceives to mould self-assurance or self-respect in his/her terms but it becomes problematic one when one denies other’s identity or put other’s identity at…show more content…
The novel revolves around the cultural conflict experienced by their family and their American born children in different ways. It also depicts the spatial, cultural and emotional dislocation underwentby them at every point of time in order to settle downin the new

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