Assignment Experiment: Roy Brown Through The Innocence Project

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Roy Brown Through the Innocence Project The Innocence Project frees people from jail that were wrongly convicted of a crime. That is what happened to Roy Brown. Through the help of the Innocence Project, he was released from jail. Brown was convicted of horrific crime that included murder, even though the evidence that was provided was analyzed and presented wrongly. This lead to his wrong convection. First off is the crime, it took place at her farmstead. She was beaten rapped and killed. “The naked body of Sabina Kulakowski was found across the road from her home in the town of Aurelius in the early hours of May 23, 1991, when firemen responded to an arson blaze at the farmhouse."(“Jailed for murder”). One witness was Mr. Bench who was a firefighter who found Sabina. The connections to her where that Mr. Bench brother dated her. Another hand, Mr. Brown made threatening calls to her and was put in jail for a little bit. The Girl was beaten, raped and was bitten several different times. Next Mr. Brown was arrested two weeks later and sentenced to life in prison for murdering Sabina Kulakowski.…show more content…
Mr. Brown started to play detective in his jail cell. First off, he took upon himself to look at the evidence in the case through the Freedom information law he got the evidence the next day. Next he looked at the biological evidence and noticed that the DNA on the night shirt was not tested. So he asked Mr. Bench if he could have a sample of his DNA and he never responded later they found that he was dying. He committed suicide. Mr. Bench had a daughter that gave him some DNA to test to match the one on the shirt. The DNA that was on the night shirt matched the girls DNA 50%, which is expected when she is 50% of her dad. After that the innocence project gave the evidence to the court and they dropped all charges against Mr. brown. " The prosecution formally dropped all charges on March 5, 2007."(“Roy

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